MongoDB at DrupalCon Munich 2012

Fans of MongoDB and Drupal have the chance to flock together at Drupalcon in Munich this week.

Running from August 20 - 24, the official conference of the Drupal community features ...Birds of a Feather“ sessions alongside formally scheduled presentations. Included among these is a session organised by 10gen on ...Practical MongoDB and Drupal“.

Birds of a Feather workshops are informal and openly scheduled workshops, giving like-minded individuals a chance to talk about a common problem and discuss topical issues.

...Practical MongoDB and Drupal“ will look at Drupal7’s plugable class architecture, and how we can easily swap Drupal’s underlying data storage for MongoDB's faster performance for reads and writes.

Furthermore, Microsoft will be joining the session and have 50 pre-allocated Azure passes to share with attendees.

Drupalcon will also feature 10gen's own Derick Rethans presenting an ...Introduction to MongoDB“. The session will introduce how to get the most out of MongoDB and explain how MongoDB offers viable alternatives to the standard, normalized, relational mode.

Derick's expertise and experience is well known in both the NOSQL and the PHP community. He will explain how to get the most out of MongoDB, why the technology fits well with Drupal; and not only to set it up, but also how to get going with it.

Places are still available for Drupalcon here.

...Practical MongoDB and Drupal“ will be held in Chamonix room at Drupalcon at 11.45 on Wednesday, Aug 22. Space is very limited, so arrive promptly!

Derick Rethans gives his Introduction to MongoDB on Thursday, Aug 23 at 13.00.

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