10gen, Community Represent MongoDB at OSCON 2012

10gen sponsored OSCON, O’Reilly's annual open source convention in Portland, OR for the third consecutive year - July 16-20. Green shirts and MongoDB mugs were in high demand, while Chief Solutions Architect Steve Francia and Director of Community Marketing Meghan Gill presented, and conducted Q&As, to packed rooms of developers and open source enthusiasts. We were really excited to be joined by two community members—Greg Brockman from Stripe and Paul Scott of DSTV Online who delivered talks that receivedexcellent reception.

Steve, who's also the author of the O’Reilly published guide MongoDB and PHP delivered two talks. The first, titled ...Building applications with MongoDB: An introduction“ was a hands-on session that introduced the audience to building applications with MongoDB, taking users through building a simple location-based app (like foursquare) from start to finish.) Steve's second talk, ...Hybrid Applications with MongoDB and RDBMS“ made the case for hybrid applications and outlined several real-world examples of such applications.

Meghan's talk, ...Scaling Your Community by Nurturing Leaders“ , provided strategies for nurturing, empowering and rewarding community leaders to help scale an open source community. Most of the examples came from 10gen's experience working directly with the MongoDB community.

“As the company behind an open source project, OSCON has been an important conference for us to engage with the developer community and vast open source ecosystem” Meghan says. ”The biggest takeaway from this year’s event was watching our users discuss their innovations and highlight how they’re powered by MongoDB. Our users are what drive us forward and with enthusiasts like Greg and Paul, these conferences aren’t work, they’re fun.”

Greg delivered the talk “Running MongoDB for High Availability“ , which discussed a set of practical techniques for running MongoDB without downtime even in the face of catastophic machine failure. Paul’s talk “MongoDB Geospatial and Android“ taught the audience how to build a MongoDB geospatial datastore using Creative Commons licensed world data and an Android client to consume the service for fun and for profit.

Meanwhile, many 10gen employees manned the MongoDB booth, answering questions, discussing 2.1.2, and distributing swag aplenty.

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