Alteryx and 10gen: Using MongoDB to Humanize Big Data

Alteryx, a provider of strategic analytics, announced deeper integration with MongoDB in its Strategic Analytics 7.1 platform to provide new predictive analytics tools and deliver deeper customer insight with the packaging of new business critical data. Alteryx Strategic Analytics 7.1 features new native integration with MongoDB along with more robust Hadoop integration, offering the ability to compare data sets from varies sources such as spreadsheets, data warehouses, cloud data sources and packaged and syndicated market data.

...Alteryx is Humanizing Big Data by allowing customers to integrate any type of data, including unique packaged data, and then putting the power of predictive analytics in the hands of the people who drive decisions in organizations,“ said George Mathew, president and chief operating officer, Alteryx. ...Humanizing Big Data is the next evolution of Strategic Analytics, and Alteryx will ensure customers excel here.“

...We are excited to have a deeper level of integration between MongoDB and the Alteryx platform to drive better Big Data analytics and more value for our joint customers,“ said Max Schireson, president, 10gen/Mongo DB. “From a business standpoint, this connector with Alteryx will allow easier access for the data analyst to bring even more advanced capabilities to the cloud, and enable a unified view of what data is readily available to make the best analytic decision possible.“

For more information on using Alteryx Strategic Analytics read the full announcement on their blog.

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