Announcing the Winner of the Schema Design Blogging Contest

MongoDB schema design continues to be a hot topic on the user forums, IRC even at conferences. At the end of May, we launched a blogging contest to give the community more real-world examples of MongoDB schema design. We got some great posts and 10gen’s engineers have chosen Ryan McGeary’s post on MongoDB Schema Design at BusyConf which has some great insights how you can build out your data model.

Here's a common myth that I've heard before: ...MongoDB design is easy because its schema-less.“ I disagree with this. It's true that a thoughtful design will yield a longer term gain in easier development, but it can be tricky to conjure up with such a design…MongoDB's speed and scalability are wins, but for us, it's not as important as the win we get from rapid development. Rapid development comes from the ability to represent richer data models that more closely match the business problems and the patterns of access.

Thanks to Ryan and all the other authors who submitted excellent blog posts and stay tuned for the next blogging contest!

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