10gen and Microsoft work together to deliver MongoDB for Windows Azure Virtual Machines

Building on previous work, 10gen and Microsoft have collaborated to bring the power of MongoDB to the cloud with Windows Azure. With an easy-to-use installer, developers can now launch MongoDB for the Windows Azure Virtual Machine service.

Built on Windows PowerShell and Windows Azure Command Line Tool, the MongoDB installer for Windows Azure allows developers to easily install and run single and multi-node configurations of MongoDB on the Windows Azure Virtual Machine service. Once installed, developers can develop MongoDB applications in any language supported by MongoDB and Windows Azure, including .NET languages, Java, Node.JS, and PHP.

This broadens the array of cloud & hosting options available to MongoDB developers and allows developers and administrators versed in Microsoft technologies an easy on ramp to NoSQL & the cloud. This joint effort has resulted in a unique combination of an open source NoSQL database that interoperates with Microsoft technologies such as Windows Azure and .NET, as well as other open source technologies that Microsoft supports.

We’re excited to continue work with Microsoft and invest heavily in having MongoDB interoperate with Microsoft technologies. Developers and administrators can expect to see more automation & integration of MongoDB with Windows Azure. 10gen is also committed to supporting its .NET developer community and will continue to grow its set of .NET tools and driver for MongoDB.

To get started with MongoDB Windows Azure virtual machines, please visit our resource page.

You can also watch the “Meet Windows Azure” event live from San Francisco to hear what Microsoft has in store for Windows Azure. Live streaming begins at 1pm PDT today. And don’t forget to check out the Microsoft News Center for all the latest updates

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