Nominations Open for the MongoDB Masters Program

Last year, 10gen launched the MongoDB Masters program, to encourage the exchange of knowledge and expertise amongst MongoDB community evangelists and open source contributors. After almost nine months working on the program, 10gen will be adding more MongoDB Masters to its roster for the 2013 Calendar year.

What does it take to become a MongoDB Master? All of our masters have vastly distinct backgrounds, but two qualities make a MongoDB Master:

  1. A Commitment to Open Source
    MongoDB has a wealth of contributors from the open source community who support the growth of the MongoDB ecosystem. This includes development of MongoDB tools and patches and contribution to the free support forums.
  2. A Dedication to Evangelizing MongoDB
    These include bloggers, speakers, authors, MongoDB User Group (MUG) organizers and supporters who are dedicated to educating the community on MongoDB fundamentals and best practices.

Our goal of this program remains the same: to honor the work of our community and foster the exchange of knowledge between and among 10gen and community leaders. MongoDB Masters have the opportunity to partake in the MongoDB Masters summit in Santa Clara, held before MongoSV in December, get two free tickets to the MongoDB Day of their choice and participate in workshops and online events with 10gen staff and fellow masters.

10gen is currently taking nominations for our second round of MongoDB Masters until June 15. If you would like to nominate a friend, colleague, or a user you follow on Github, please refer to the nomination page on the 10gen site.

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