10gen's NoSQL Leadership Continues to Capture Influencer Attention

We're excited to announce that 10gen has been profiled in Gartner's “Cool Vendors in Information Infrastructure and Big Data, 2012 report“ (April 2012).

This year's report, authored by analysts Merv Adrian, Donald Feinberg and W. Roy Schulte, draws attention to the key emerging vendors in information infrastructure who are tackling various aspects of “big data“. Gartner identifies MongoDB's high-performance features as the right solution for ...CIOs, IT architects, and developers looking for agile development and flexible schema design that enhances developer productivity“.

10gen President Max Scherison comments: ...We consider our inclusion in the Cool Vendor report by Gartner confirmation of our mission to provide cutting edge NoSQL database technology to customers developing innovative large-scale applications and performing real-time 'big data analytics.'“

According to Gartner, NoSQL databases continue to be valuable for organizations looking to scale out cloud and on premise uses of numerous content types. Merv Adrian praises MongoDB for its unique feature set, including flexible schema, full consistency, 'no-downtime auto-sharding', replica sets, and more.

For more information read the full press release. We will be posting Gartner's Cool Vendor report within the next week.

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