Open Source Hack Contest: Win a Free Ticket to OSCON

Some of the most impressive MongoDB products have come from the open source community. Projects like the Node.js Driver, Mongoose and Mongoengine have become the backbone to many MongoDB apps in production and have helped support the developer community all over the world, and we want to see more!

For the month of May, we’ll be hosting a world-wide hack contest for Open Source tools built on or connected to MongoDB. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting our wishlist for potential MongoDB projects and additional patches and contributions. The winner of the contest receive a ticket to OSCON, furnished by O’Reilly.


  • All projects must be built with the MongoDB source code or on top of a MongoDB API (either community or 10gen supported drivers)
  • Any new drivers created should abide by the existing driver requirements listed on the docs

Get creative! All entries can be submitted through our webform.

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