Hack on Ruby and Drupal at MongoSF

After a full day of MongoDB, who doesn’t love a night of hacking? This year at the third annual MongoSF, 10gen engineers, along with members of the MongoDB community, will host hacking sessions for Ruby and Drupal integration with MongoDB.

Our Drupal mastermind will be Karoly Negyesi, one of the core maintainers of Drupal who has been supporting MongoDB integration into Drupal’s core platform. Our Ruby session will be supported by Tyler Brock, 10gen engineer and maintainer of the MongoDB Ruby Driver, and Bernerd Schaefer creator and maintainer of Moped, a community-supported MongoDB Driver for Ruby.

Our hack sessions will be open to all attendees of MongoSF and will start at the conference’s close at 5PM. Each section will meet and vote on a particular project to work on in the 2.5 hours allotted.

Excited? We are too! Get your tickets to MongoSF and let the hacking begin.

Have an awesome idea you just can’t keep to yourself? Let us know!

MongoSF will be held on May 4th at the Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco.

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