Wrapping up a year of conferences in Mountain View

Wow.. MongoSV is behind us. With over 500 attendees, four tracks, and 36 talks, this was the largest MongoDB event to date. We sold the conference out within a few of weeks of announcing the event. The overwhelming interest in MongoSV demonstrates the excitement about MongoDB and the strength of the MongoDB community. And for a while, #MongoSV was the #2 trending topic on Twitter for the SF Bay Area!

Our next conference will be hosted in a larger venue, but no matter how large or small the event is, it is important that we meet these key objectives:

  • Inform Architects and CTOs who are evaluating MongoDB about the benefits of and best use cases for the technology so that they can make educated decisions
  • Enhance product knowledge for existing users and customers by providing in-depth technical content about key features and internals of MongoDB
  • Showcase real world deployments and lessons learned: MongoSV highlights included sessions from Shutterfly, Craigslist, IGN, Intuit and Eventbrite
  • Solicit feedback from the community on product and product roadmap

Walking the halls the feedback was extremely positive:

“I loved how honest the presentations were, not only the good but also lessons learned“
“The hardest part was deciding which talk to go to”
“This was the best conference I’ve ever been to”
“The venue was unbelievable, I paid $100 for my ticket, I have no idea how you guys pulled this off for so little”

The first set of videos from the conference is now available on the 10gen video page. Please check that page for updates as we add new sessions.

So this is it for MongoDB conferences in 2010, but we hope to see you next year (maybe at a MongoDB conference? :-)


We’d like to thank Microsoft for making their Silicon Valley conference center available to us. We’d also like to thank our sponsors, Makara and myCloudWatcher, for the contributions that helped make the conference possible. Our special thanks to the volunteers who helped with registration and logistics: Nick Stielau, Justin Jenkins, Seth Edwards, James Williams, and Scott Hernandez.

Finally, our thanks to the presenters from the MongoDB community:

  • Tim Burks, Radtastical
  • Gregg Carrier, Dreamworks
  • Lenin Gali, ShareThis
  • Kenny Gorman, Shutterfly
  • Bernt Habermeier, PlayFirst
  • Scott Hernandez, Morphia Project
  • Nivi Kumar, Intuit
  • Tobias Kunze, Makara
  • Matt Levy, Playfirst
  • David Makogon, Microsoft
  • Jason McCay, MongoHQ
  • Andrew Morrow, Athena Capital Research
  • David Mytton, Boxed Ice
  • Chandra Patni, IGN
  • Chris Richardson, VMWare/SpringSource
  • Jared Rosoff, Yottaa
  • Krishna Raman, Makara
  • Nirmala Ranganathan, Intuit
  • Andrew Rondeau, AppFeeds
  • Will Shulman, MongoLab
  • Justin Smestad, MongoMachine
  • Robert Stewart, Voxify
  • Gerad Suyderhoud, Monitaur
  • Tony Tam, Wordnik
  • Ben Wyrosdick, MongoHQ
  • Nathan White, LearnBoost
  • Brian Zambrano, Eventbrite
  • Jeremy Zawodny, Craigslist