Building a MongoDB-Powered Chat Server

At MongoSF (May 4), MongoNYC (May 23), and MongoDB UK (June 20), we are pleased to announce a new, interactive track led by 10gen CTO and Co-Founder Eliot Horowitz. In a series of presentations, Eliot will walk attendees through building a MongoDB-powered chat server. This track will cover:

  • Schema design and prototype deployment in the cloud
  • Monitoring using MMS, setting up backups, and operating a restore
  • Setting up replication for robustness â€â€ù without any downtime
  • Schema design for scaling users
  • Using capped collections
  • Sharding for write scalability, including the selection of a shard key

Whether you are an experienced MongoDB user or you are building your first app, this track is a great way to learn about important concepts in MongoDB. We expect that this deep-dive will better illustrate schema design trade-offs, scaling, and operations.

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