Recap: MongoDB Berlin 2012

MongoDB Berlin drew nearly 300 enthusiasts and engineers to the Maritim proArte hotel for a full-day conference featuring presentations from 10gen engineers as well as local MongoDB users. Event sponsors included Cloud Foundry,, and Codecentric.

Guest speakers included Marko GrÃÂ_ßlin, Lennart Koopmann, Oliver Gierke, Johannes Hoppe, Grant Shipley, and James Roper. 10gen speakers at the event were Ross Lawley, Alvin Richards, Max Schireson, Christian Kvalheim, and Richard Kreuter.

Thanks to everyone who came to MongoDB Berlin, to our enthusiastic guest speakers, to our sponsors, and to the enthusiastic members of the German MongoDB community. If you missed the event or want to review a presentation, we’ll be making video footage available on our website..

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