Recap: MongoDB at QCon and PyCon

Last week, 10gen Engineers visited two major industry conventions—PyCon 2012, in Santa Clara, CA, and QCon, in London, UK.

Rick Copeland and Bernie Hackett presented “MongoDB and Python,” an intermediate-level tutorial for developers using Python, MongoDB, and the object-documment mapper Ming. 10gen engineers Jesse Jiryu Davis and Dan Crosta also attended

Meanwhile, in London, 10gen CTO Dwight Merriman and EMEA Technical Director Alvin Richards attended QCon, where Dwight joined in the panel discussion on “Future of Data Architecture: NoSQL, Big Data, Linked Data and the Cloud.” Alvin presented “You’ve built your application. So what next?” as part of the Big Data/NoSQL track, covering best practices for deploying and scaling an application built on MongoDB.

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