Don't Miss Out! Bay Area MongoDB Meetup from Joyent

On February 29, 10gen hosting partner Joyent will sponsor a MongoDB-themed meetup for members of the Joyent Cloud User Group in San Francisco, CA. The meetup will feature presentations from 10gen Director of Customer Engagement Jared Rosoff as well as MongoLab Co-Founder Todd Dampier.

Jared's presentation will cover tips and tricks for running MongoDB on the Joyent Cloud using SmartOS, in particular with the popular MongoDB + Node.js stack. 10gen built and maintains the NoSQL database MongoDB.

MongoLab is a cloud-based providor of MongoDB-as-a-service, and Todd will discuss his experiences with the architecture and maintenance of MongoDB as a cloud service on SmartOS. Application-level and monitoring considerations will also be covered.

To attend the discussion, which will take place at Joyent’s Offices (One Embarcadero Center)RSVP on, and to get involved in more MongoDB events near you, sign up for our monthly newsletter.

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