Upcoming MongoDB Events

Early this morning, the 10gen team watched as the last tickets to MongoDB Boulder were claimed. Tomorrow, the sellout crowd in Colorado will enjoy presentations from 10gen engineers Kyle Banker, Dan Crosta, Robert Stam, and Ryan Nitz, as well as from guest speakers James Ward, Brian Fromme, Krishnanad Khambadkone, Nathan Wells, David Blado, and Chris Merz. Attendees will also hear from 10gen's Presiden, Max Schireson. Following Boulder, the 10gen team has a busy spring ahead. A free meetup on February 6 in Brussels will give the city's MongoDB fans an opportunity to learn and ask any nagging questions. On February 15th, developers and other industry professionals from across the Lone Star State will meet for MongoDB Austin to hear from engineers at 10gen, X.commerce, and RedHat. Beginning February 28th, the 10gen team will also bring MongoDB to Strata, a conference dedicated to the business and practice of data innovation, hosted in Santa Clara, CA. Not to be forgotten, our webinar series continues with: -Monitoring Your MongoDB Deployment (Feb 9) -MongoDB Schema Design: How to think non-relational (Feb 17) -MongoDB Schema Design: Principles and Practice (Feb 23rd) -Building Your First MongoDB Application (Mar 15) If you’re already using MongoDB in production, tell us about your application, or contact us to learn more about training and other solutions from 10gen.

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