Recap: MongoDB Tokyo 2012

On January 18, MongoDB Tokyo took place at the Shinagawa Seaside Rakuten Tower, as nearly 200 guests, double the attendance of the 2011 event, arrived to see presentations on MongoDB from both 10gen engineers and Japanese users.

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Representing 10gen, President Max Schireson and Senior Engineer Alvin Richards kicked off the event with a keynote speech and presentations on schema design and deployment architecture. External speakers included representatives from NHN, Cyberagent, Nifty, and Rakuten. Following the presentations, refreshments were provided by sponsor KK Ashisuto.

Presentation slideshows now available online include:

KVSの性能、RDBMSのインデックス、更にMapReduceを併せ持つAll-in-One NoSQL: MongoDB (Hiroaki Kubota)

事例:とある写真共有アプリでの MongoDB (Tetsuya Ohira)

mongo-hadoopで始める大規模ログ解析 〜低コストへの新たな道〜 (Daichi Morifuji)

ソーシャルゲームにおけるMongoDB適用事例 *(Masakazu Matsushita)

Special thanks from the 10gen team go out to Takahiro Inoue, who has helped to grow the MongoDB User Group in Japan to a staggering 600 members.

*slides also available in English