Free Webinar: Hybrid Applications using MongoDB and an RDBMS

It is common to use multiple systems as part of the infrastructure of an application, but it’s sometimes unclear to developers when to use MongoDB alongside a relational database and what the best practices are. To help developers and administrators better navigate this decision, 10gen's Chief Evangelist, Steve Francia, will be leading a free webinar on hybrid applications with MongoDB and an RDBMS on January 6, 2012. The webinar agenda includes:

-Intro to MongoDB
-Why Hybrid
-Hybrid Case Studies
-How OpenSky implemented Hybrid MySQL / MongoDB

Steve is the ideal person to lead this session thanks to real-world experience using an RDBMS alongside a document-based database like MongoDB. During his time at OpenSky, Steve led a team that built the first e-commerce site to use both MongoDB and MySQL (it was also one of the first MongoDB-backed sites). By making a few smart choices about which data was stored in each database, the team at OpenSky was able to spend less time worrying about scaling and replica sets and more time focusing on a clean, functional finished product. Steve joined 10gen in August after serving as VP of Engineering at OpenSky.

Learn more about the webinar, and check out other upcoming MongoDB events around the world.

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