MongoDB on Windows Azure: 10gen and Microsoft Collaborate

Over the past few months we've been collaborating closely with Microsoft to get MongoDB running on Windows Azure. If you have been following the MongoDB blog and GitHub repositories, you’ve already seen the early results of this effort. One of our goals with MongoDB is to support multiple platforms and clouds, and we are committed to ensuring that users who are building their applications on Azure can take full advantage of MongoDB.

Today, Microsoft announced a number of enhancements for the Azure platform. The list is quite exhaustive—you can read about the enhancements here. Most notable to those in the open source community, Microsoft has released .NET, Java, and Node.js libraries for Azure on GitHub, is offering a preview of Apache Hadoop for Windows Azure, and has released deployment packages, documentation and code samples for MongoDB.

Over the coming months, we'll be working with Microsoft to support MongoDB auto-sharding, as well as to more tightly integrate MongoDB with the features that the Azure platform offers.

To get started with Windows Azure and MongoDB, the following resources are recommended, including:
-Official announcement from the Azure team
-A note from the interoperability team

-Guide to running MongoDB on Azure
-A (really) quick start guide for getting MongoDB running on Azure with Node.js

Microsoft is also hosting a ‘Learn Windows Azure’ online event tomorrow (December 13th). Sign up to learn about Azure and the newly announced features.

As always, please post any technical questions you may have in our user forums, and submit bug reports or feature requests on JIRA. We are looking forward to your feedback.