Announcing the MongoDB Masters

The MongoDB community has grown tremendously, and with that growth we've seen many people go above and beyond. Members of the MongoDB community have contributed code to the core server and drivers, written books and tutorials, built MongoDB-based open source apps, evangelized through speaking and blogging, provided support on the free user forums and IRC, created local MongoDB User Groups, and more.

It is our great pleasure to announce the MongoDB Masters program. The MongoDB Masters program is designed to recognize the achievements of leaders in the community and enable the exchange of knowledge between and among 10gen and the community. The Masters have already begun to provide valuable feedback about new features, tools, and services. We hope the program will serve to foster relationships between members to share best practices for growing the community.

The initial group of Masters was selected by 10gen for their participation in community initiatives, coding, evangelism, and user support. The inaugural group of MongoDB Masters includes:

Aaron Heckmann
Aristarkh Zagorodnikov
Cesar Rodas
Christian Kvalheim
Craig Wilson
David Makogon
David Mytton
Flavio Percoco Premoli
Gustavo Niemeyer
Harry Marr
Ian White
John Nunemaker
Jon Wage
Jonas Haag
Justin Dearing
Karl Seguin
Kenny Gorman
Lennart Koopmann
Mark Smalley
Mike Dirolf
Mitch Pirtle
Nat Lueng
Nathen Harvey
Niall O’Higgins
Rick Copeland
Rose Toomey
Sam Millman
Takahiro Inoue
Tony Tam

“I’ve always admired the MongoDB community and the amazing support that members have from 10gen employees and from contributors at large,“ said Flavio Percoco Premoli. ...What I love most is how easy it is to become part of that community. I did and I’m here to stay.“

To kick things off, we have invited all of the Masters to join us one day prior to MongoSV for the inaugural Masters Summit. Twenty-two community members are confirmed to attend, travelling from four continents to the event. We hope that in bringing this exceptional group together that we can all learn from one another.

As David Mytton explains, “Open source products are all about the community around them but it can sometimes be hard to organize everyone into a coherent group. With 10gen at the helm and actively steering community commitment, the MongoDB Masters Summit is a great opportunity for expert users from around the world to get together and share knowledge.”

Starting in January 2012, we'll be accepting nominations for the program and expect that the Masters themselves will be the key in growing this group and selecting new members. For more information about the Masters, including their profiles, contributions, github accounts, and blogs, visit the MongoDB Masters page

The Masters attending the summit are also attending MongoSV. Several of them are presenting on applications that they built with MongoDB or leading Birds of a Feather sessions. All of them are available to share their experiences and feedback on MongoDB. If you are coming to our annual user conference you will have an opportunity to meet them; look out for them in their MongoDB Masters sweatshirts!