Recap: MongoDallas

Over 120 guests attended MongoDallas on November 17th to learn from 10gen engineers, customers, and partners.

10gen's Deputy CTO Paul Pederson welcomed a standing-room-only crowd. Software engineers Spencer Brody and Tony Hannan, as well as solutions architect Kevin Hanson, presented on topics including schema design, indexing and querying, and using the MongoDB shell. Veteran road warrior Jared Rosoff fielded questions during a 40-minute whiteboard session.

Guest speakers included Cody Powell (Famigo), Luke Ehresman (CopperEgg), Rick Copeland, and Mark Ramm (both of SourceForge), and Dave McCroy (VMWare).

Copies of Karl Seguin's ...The Little MongoDB Book“ disappeared as quickly as they could be set out on display; MongoDallas t-shirts, and coffee mugs were also popular.