MongoSV is December 3rd

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10gen is pleased to announce MongoSV, a full-day conference about the open source database MongoDB. It is the 10th MongoDB conference we’ve organized, and we hope that it will be the highlight of a great year of events bringing together the MongoDB community. We are partnering with Microsoft to host the event at their facility in Mountain View and expect over 300 developers and DBAs for our largest event yet.

The main conference track will feature 10gen founders Dwight Merriman and Eliot Horowitz and several of the key engineers developing the MongoDB project. The main track is geared towards developers and administrators interested in learning how to use the database, with sessions on schema design, indexing, administration, deployment strategies, scaling, and other features.

A second conference track will include presentations from several companies using MongoDB in production.

  • Jeremy Zawodny will present on the ongoing evolution of data storage at Craigslist, starting from a homogeneous one-size fits all “MySQL everywhere” approach and moving toward a heterogeneous environment that considers real data, performance needs, and the plethora of tools available today
  • Kenny Gorman, a Database Architect at Shutterfly, will talk about implementing MongoDB at Shutterfly
  • Niralma Ranganathan of Intuit will talk about using MongoDB for analytics
  • Chandra Patni of IGN will talk about his experiences going from multi versioning concurrency control in relation databases to distributed database design using MongoDB
  • Juan Negron of ShareThis will explain how MongoDB powers their count system
  • Robert Fan and several engineers on the ShareThrough team will present on their experiences using MongoDB with node.js, Rails, and Mongoid
  • Tony Tam of Wordnik gave a very well-received talk at MongoSF on migrating from MySQL to MongoDB in April. At MongoSV, Tony will talk about tools he’s been working on to utilize the oplog for backups, point-in-time recovery, disaster recovery — a must see for administrators supporting MongoDB.

For those who are well-versed in the database features and are looking to dive a little deeper, we’re also including several advanced talks on MongoDB internals. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the MongoDB storage engine, replication, sharding, and consistency models in depth.

With such a broad diversity of speakers and topics, we are very excited about the event. Hope to see you there!

MongoSV Event Details
Friday, December 3rd, 9am - 5pm
Microsoft Research Silicon Valley (1065 La Avenida, Mountain View, CA)
$60 early bird until November 12 / $100 general admission / $30 students
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