Keep your MongoDB production deployment running smoothly with support from 10gen

In the past few months, we’ve seen tremendous interest in MongoDB and the list of production deployments has continued to grow. As enterprises increasingly deploy MongoDB in business-critical applications, we understand the importance of knowing there is a company behind the product to ensure the success of these deployments. At 10gen, we offer companies support packages that include:

  • Support from 10gen engineers that started and are actively developing the product
  • Enterprise support with options for up to 24/7 coverage
  • Guaranteed response time to help you meet internal SLAs
  • Web and phone support
  • Tickets filed in a private system, rather than a public forum
  • Opportunity to provide feedback on the direction of the project
  • Peace of mind

As more companies begin to rely on MongoDB as a mission critical component of their architecture, we’ve solicited feedback on our pricing model. As a result, we’re rolling out new pricing to better address customer needs.

We will maintain three separate pricing tiers (Gold, Silver, and Basic) with response times, customer support hours, and number of incidents varying by support level. Customers will still pay a per server price, but pricing is differentiated for “active” and “standby” servers. Active servers accept reads/writes from an application, while a standby is a server that only accepts reads/writes from an active server for either failover or backup purposes.

In addition, we will continue to support the startup community by offering the Accelerator Package. This package includes a combination of support, consulting, and training to ensure a smooth and successful deployment.

For more information on 10gen’s MongoDB support options, please review our support or our FAQ pages. Please feel free to use the comments section of this blog to provide additional feedback on products and pricing.