Student hackers: Come work on MongoDB this summer!

Last summer we had four excellent interns, each of whom made significant contribution to the MongoDB project and 10gen internal tools. Looking ahead to the summer of 2012, we are excited to grow the program, increasing the number of overall interns, expanding the program to include our Redwood City office, and adding interns in marketing as well as engineering.

10gen interns have the opportunity to contribute to open source software and work directly with the MongoDB community. And in addition to being full-fledged members of the development team, interns at 10gen have a lot of fun. Last summer our interns were instrumental in kicking off the summer at MongoNYC, our annual user conference, serving as conference staff. They joined us for internal social events such as all-company lunches and outings. They participated in community outreach, often joining us at New York MongoDB User Group meetings. We really enjoyed having them for the summer, and we're looking forward to having even more students join us in 2012.

Interested in being part of the team in the summer of 2012? We offer a competitive salary and housing for the ten-week program. We are interviewing interns over the next two months for positions in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City, so apply today.

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