MongoSV Speakers and Talks

MongoSV, our annual user conference in Silicon Valley, is coming up on December 9, and we’ve been busy selecting talks for the event. Dozens of users submitted proposals, so assembling the schedule was not easy. Nevertheless, we have a great lineup, with submissions covering a wide variety of topics for all users of MongoDB, from novice to experienced.

For developers coming from a relational background, the schemaless nature of MongoDB can be both liberating and challenging. Application design with MongoDB is going to be a key topic at MongoSV, with sessions on Building A First MongoDB Application (Steve Francia), Schema Design Principles and Practice (Richard Kreuter), Schema Design by Example (Kyle Banker), and Shutterfly’s Data Layer (Luciano Resende).

If you’re trying to figure out which of your upcoming projects you should use MongoDB, we’re including several interesting case studies. Here are a few highlights from the agenda:

  • MongoDB as a Message Queue - Luke Gotszling, AOL/
  • MongoDB Driving ESPN Fantasy Football on Facebook - Erik Kellener, UnitedFuture
  • Using MongoDB for Materials Discovery - Michael Kocher, Postdoctoral Chemist Researcher, LBNL
  • MongoDB in the Enterprise 2.0 (Enterprise Social Software) - Biren Gandhi, Cisco
  • Making Logs Fun Again - Kord Campbell, Loggly
  • There’s a Monster in my Closet: Architecture of a MongoDB-powered Event Processing System - Greg Brockman, Stripe
  • Migrating from App Engine to NoSQL - Nafis Jamal, MoPub
  • MongoDB and Machine Learning - Thomas Maiaroto, Union of RAD

For the operations folks, there will be no shortage of sessions on deployment, monitoring, and performance tuning. For example, Alvin Richards’ Emergency Preparedness talk covers capacity planning, backups, recovery, and load testing. Rescue 911: Five True Stories of MongoDB Disasters, and How to Avoid Them offers a panoply of take-home lessons on from real-life deployment. Eating Our Own Dogfood: The Design and Construction of the MongoDB Monitoring Service will provide an in-depth look at how we built MMS.

We’ll also have several long-time MongoDB users present on their experiences running the database in production. Tony Tam of Wordnik will talk about how Wordnik is taking advantage of the cloud-readiness of MongoDB to improve uptime and reduce costs against it’s huge and dynamic English corpus. Kenny Gorman of Shutterfly will present on performance tuning and scalability. And Cooper Bethea of foursquare will tell you how to manage a large MongoDB deployment on EC2.

Speaking of the cloud, MongoSV includes sessions on developing and deploying apps using VMware Cloud Foundry, Red Hat OpenShift, MongoLab, and Amazon Web Services.

For all the power users, 10gen CEO Dwight Merriman, CTO Eliot Horowitz, and Deputy CTO Paul Pederson will lead sessions on advanced topics such as replication, shard key design, deploying for high availability, and more. In addition, there will be several sessions devoted to internals, including The Life of a Query, How to Build a MongoDB Driver, and MongoDB’s Storage Engine Bit by Bit.

Visit to view the complete agenda and to sign up. Simply put, this year’s MongoSV is packed with value. And when you register before November 11, your ticket is only $50. If that sounds like a compelling proposition, then register now.