MongoDB Release Party in NYC and MongoDB Track at PyGotham

On Thursday we will be organizing a special meeting of the NY MongoDB User Group. 10gen’s CTO, Eliot Horowitz, will present on What’s New in MongoDB 2.0. After the presentation, please join us at the Bleeker Street Bar for the 2.0 Release Party.

Over the weekend, 10gen will be sponsoring the first PyGotham conference in New York City. The event will feature an entire room dedicated to MongoDB! Some of the sessions on the agenda include:

  • MongoDB Schema Design - Kyle Banker
  • Evolution without Migrations: Agile Data with MongoDB and Django - Dan Crosta
  • MongoDB Replication in Detail - Tony Hannan
  • Monitoring MongoDB - Dan Pasette
  • Sharding and Scaling with MongoDB - Eliot Horowitz
  • Rapid and Scalable Development with MongoDB, PyMongo, and Ming - Rick Copeland