C24 Technologies

C24 designs and markets the specialist C24 Integration Objects (C24 iO) products for the straight through processing automation of financial services messaging.

C24 Technologies is a British company, founded in the early 2000s, with established operations and a blue chip customer install base in Europe and the United States.

C24 software solutions provide the ability to:

  • model any data structure derived from existing metadata or instance data sources
  • enforce syntactic and semantic validation rules on these data models
  • use the C24 iO pre-built and fully maintained Standards Library data models of industry standard (SWIFT MT / MX, ISO 20022, FpML and variants, FIX, SEPA and legacy European payment schemes such as CFONB MINOS, and CBI) implementations of financial services industry standards
  • rapidly integrate any custom or industry standard data model for inter application or inter firm messaging
  • create and deploy transformation definitions between different data models on a many to many basis
  • significantly reduce the time associated with the development and ongoing maintenance of integration with firm or industry messaging standards

C24 iO is most simply described as a Java code generator with a range of pre-built data models and a flexible set of API's for efficient integration into any existing Java architecture.

C24's standards-based messaging and integration software solutions are used by many of the worlds largest financial services firms supporting business critical transaction processing applications for asset management, securities and fund services clearing and settlement, and payments. Learn more at http://www.c24.biz.