is a MongoDB technology and OEM partner. It specializes in building solutions that handle the messy reality of data today which allows for deeper insights into daily work flows and more robust predictive models. works with organizations on their hardest data problems to build innovative platforms which can then be transferred and operated by the organization itself. leverages its extensive domain expertise and diverse technical skills to create solutions that operate within existing infrastructures. Thereby, it delivers platforms and solutions that enhance the client’s operational excellence, not hide within a proprietary tool or foundation. strongly believes that training data engineers within the organization is an integral part of applying and discovering the data solution. From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies,'s Subscription Service has kick-started analytics initiatives and matured existing ones.

The Subscription Service focuses on three basic aspects: Train to create data engineers within the organization. Provide support to enhance the client’s operational excellence, including tips from blog, and Data Shop Talk. apps to provide templates and extensions that operate easily within a company’s existing infrastructure. The answer to increasing Spotfire usage and using this robust, proprietary tool for generating solutions in any company lies within the foundation framework of’s Subscription Service.

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