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Infrastructure as a Service Best Practices

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platforms that provide support for MongoDB should conform to the following best practices for certification against MongoDB Enterprise.


the best practices checklist and submit it with your application to expedite the certification process.

Please note that all certification categories require compliance with security best practices.

Operating Systems

  • Platform should provide multiple options for operating system support within the platform, including (but not limited to) popular Linux distributions (Red Hat Enterprise, Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, SUSE) and recent Windows Server releases (2008, 2012).
  • Platform operating systems should support the ability to disable NUMA at kernel level or via numactl (Linux) Instances
  • Platform should offer multiple instance options or “sizes” with differences in CPU (cores, speed), RAM, IO, and network bandwidth.
  • Platform should offer multiple regions or data centers so users can effectively leverage a redundant, highly-available MongoDB deployment.


  • Platform should support multiple storage options including ephemeral and persistent storage mediums
  • Platform should provide support for flash-based storage (SSDs) whether ephemeral or persistent.
  • Platform should support either XFS or EXT4 file systems for use with preferred storage.
  • Platform should provide at least one storage medium with predictable and deterministic IO capabilities or specified IO operations per second (IOPS).
  • Platform should support advanced storage options, such as custom block sizing and disk read-ahead.
  • Platform should provide the ability to use RAID to aggregate multiple disks together.
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    Additional Security

    • Platform should provide basic firewall capabilities to prevent unauthorized access to instances upon initial deployment.
    • Platform should optionally provide the ability to encrypt data on persistent disks at-rest.


    • Platform should provide high-bandwidth networking between instances, up to 10Gb links where possible.