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MongoDB Enterprise OEM Certification

Software vendors are increasingly realizing the power, flexibility, and value of constructing solutions incorporating MongoDB in lieu of traditional persistence options. OEM Certification helps product designers jumpstart development and ensures the best possible use of MongoDB. OEM Certification is available only for products and solutions embedding MongoDB Enterprise Server.

Certified Companies

Certification Process

OEM Certification is achieved through a 2-step consultative process.

The Design Review is an optional but recommended consultation during the early stages of development to review a broad set of design considerations, including:

  • Basic “macroarchitecture” design analysis

  • Compliance with security guidelines

  • Data access patterns

  • Design and strategy for capturing and managing external / third party data

More information: Download the MongoDB Enterprise OEM Certification - Design Review datasheet.

During Verification, MongoDB consulting engineers will verify that your application is in compliance with our OEM Certification Guidelines (get in touch for a copy of those guidelines). This engagement does not guarantee certification; if your application is not in compliance, it will not be certified. This engagement should occur shortly before your application is ready to be rolled out, once development is mostly or entirely completed.

In addition, our engineer will also review the processes you have put in place for production, and any advanced MongoDB operational capabilities you plan to use.

Terms of Service

You are exclusively responsible for all support and ongoing maintenance of your product and the software that you use to integrate with MongoDB. By submitting the certification application, you are certifying that your product meets the MongoDB integration guidelines.