Building OEM Solutions on MongoDB

Many of the world’s largest Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are building their businesses on the world’s fastest growing database, MongoDB. By partnering with MongoDB they are creating products never before possible with fast time to market, transitioning to new business models and minimizing technology risk.

Machine to Machine and Internet of Things, mobile apps, social analytics, content management, security and fraud, billing and payment, financial risk modeling and Database-as-a-Service are all examples of solutions built on MongoDB.

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There are often a number of technology components required to deliver any OEM solution. Modern applications and users generate huge volumes of data that needs to be ingested, stored and analyzed. The database is at the core of OEM platforms. It can be an enabler -- or a blocker -- to realizing business success.

Business Outcome

Leading OEMs are using MongoDB to build solutions that:

Deliver functionality never previously possible: bringing together multi-structured, polymorphic data from the web, cloud, mobile, social and sensors into a single database to enable new features and deep analytics, serving to increase the value of the application
Enable competitive advantage: agile development for fast time to market with a database that doesn’t hold back creativity or sacrifice enterprise quality
Transition to new business models: unlock new revenue streams by moving to SaaS delivery with a cloud-native database
Minimize technology risk: accessing a comprehensive range of products and services to develop solutions that meet customer demands at high quality with low cost

Customer Examples

Why MongoDB

Partner for Success: MongoDB works with you at every stage of your project:

  • The MongoDB Development Subscription provides support for initial design, through to implementation and test, accelerating time to market and ensuring you have a solid foundation on which to create, build and evolve innovative solutions
  • When your product is launched, MongoDB Enterprise provides global professional support, a commercial license, advanced features for security and management, emergency patches, access to the customer success program, software certifications and on-demand training
  • The MongoDB Management Service for on-premise or hosted database automation, monitoring, and disaster recovery, making it easy and reliable to run MongoDB at scale and providing the key capabilities you need to ensure a great experience for your customers
  • Access to a dedicated Technical Account Manager providing on-going advisory services for development and operations

Agility: MongoDB’s dynamic schema means that application development and ongoing evolution are straightforward, enabling continuous integration as new features are added. Idiomatic drivers enable developers to work in their preferred programming languages.

Data Diversity: Complex structured, semi-structured and unstructured data typical in today’s applications can be aggregated and managed more efficiently using BSON (Binary JavaScript Object Notation) documents, rather than tables.

Rich Functionality: With rich query support, including secondary, geospatial and text search indexes, the Aggregation Framework, native MapReduce and GridFS for smart management of digital objects, product managers can extend their solutions with new features to differentiate from competitors. Integration with Hadoop and many of the leading BI (Business Intelligence) and Analytics tools enables seamless reporting.

Cloud Native: Built-in replication for high availability and automatic sharding enables MongoDB to elastically scale across public or private cloud infrastructure for the delivery of SaaS-based applications.

Enterprise Assurance: Self-healing clusters, coupled with strong access controls, auditing and encryption ensure your data is always available and always secure.

Extend Application Lifecycles: ­ Allow application design to last longer with a scalable architecture and support for multiple workload types

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