Beijing Norteksoft Software Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002. The company is committed to enterprise information management system including: planning, consulting, design and development.

Since its inception, the company has successively developed:

  • Enterprise Management Information System Development Platform iMatrix
  • Quality Control Software Platform QMAX
  • Automobile Wholesale and Warehousing Management System NT-VMX
  • GPS/BeiDou Location based Asset Tracking system NT-VLMX
  • etc.

The company possesses 26 software copyrights, has established a cooperative relationship with IBM, Microsoft and other famous enterprises, and has been awarded several national honors such as Quality Management System Software Development, Design Certification and Industry Excellent Product Recommendation.

QMAX has more than 150 customers in national defenses, automobiles, Modern technology, tobacco and other industries;

NT-VMX, the Automobile Wholesale and Warehousing Management System, supporting customers automobile sales and warehousing management business over the past decade;

NT-LMX, the vehicle assets tracking platform, dynamic monitoring more than 8000 vehicle assets in real time.

Norteksoft Software Technology Co., Ltd. is a value-added reseller and service provider of MongoDB. The company has experienced experts in database engineering, database system, complex system architects. It provides enterprises with planning consultancy services, instructs practical guidance in developing process, technical training, application development and other related technical services.