Deploying MongoDB on NetApp E-Series for consistent microsecond response or on All Flash FAS (AFF) systems for backup and recovery from the cloud enables you to maintain the highest levels of performance and uptime. This deployment provides advanced fault recovery features and easy in-service growth capabilities to meet ever-changing business requirements. The E-Series and All Flash FAS systems are designed to help you build a high-performance, cost-efficient, and highly available analytics solution.

Accelerate MongoDB Performance

Industry-leading NetApp® E-Series storage systems deliver up to 825,000 input/output operations per second (IOPS) and microsecond latency to help you complete operations more quickly. E-Series systems also offer bandwidth—12GB per second sustained to disk—to support the demanding performance and capacity needs of a MongoDB environment. Balanced performance features help support the requirements of different workloads. NetApp All Flash FAS systems with NetApp ONTAP® FlashEssentials enables up to 4 million IOPS with 24 nodes and meets the demands of MongoDB on the Data Fabric enabled by NetApp. FlashEssentials is what is behind the performance and efficiency of All Flash FAS. It encapsulates flash innovations and optimization technologies in ONTAP software. And with the ONTAP 9 release, performance can be further increased by up to 60.

Reduce Operational Costs

E-Series storage systems are purpose-built for capacity-intensive environments that require optimal space utilization and reduced power and cooling requirements. The system’s ultra dense 60-drive 4U disk shelf provides industry-leading performance and space efficiency that reduces rack space by up to 60%. Its high-efficiency power supplies and intelligent design can lower power use by up to 40% and cooling requirements by up to 39%. All Flash FAS systems are built with innovative inline data reduction technologies, including inline adaptive compression, inline de-duplication, and inline data compaction introduced in the latest ONTAP 9 release. These technologies provide space savings of 5 to 10 times, on average, for a typical use case. When these capabilities are combined with space-efficient NetApp Snapshot® and FlexClone® technologies, a data reduction ratio as high as 933:1 has been observed.

Achieve the Highest Levels of Availability and Security

E-Series storage systems leverage the latest solid-state disk (SSD) and SAS drive technologies to deliver high-speed, continuous access to your MongoDB application and data. These systems are built on a long heritage of serving diverse workloads to provide enterprise-class reliability. NetApp SANtricity® full disk encryption 1 combines local key management with drive-level encryption for comprehensive security for data at rest that doesn’t sacrifice performance or ease of use.

With AFF, you can leverage the Data Fabric to move data securely across your choice of clouds—enabled by the NetApp ONTAP® Cloud software and NetApp Private Storage for the cloud. Plus, you get the industry’s most efficient and comprehensive Integrated Data Protection suite, on the premises or in the cloud. You get features and capabilities such as NetApp Snapshot copies, cloning, encryption, and both synchronous and asynchronous replication for backup and disaster recovery—all with near-zero performance impact.

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