Get MongoDB in the Cloud

MongoDB is also available through our accredited partners in the cloud. The partners listed below are authorized to sell MongoDB through their own channels.

Subscription Reselling Partners

Partner Description Subscription Offering(s) Geography Resources
eNovance is the European leader and a major global technology player in open cloud computing software. Standard Enterprise Europe, Middle East, Africa More Info
Design an ideal MongoDB environment and then have it automatically deployed and configured. Standard Enterprise Global More Info

MongoDB Hosting Partners ("MongoDB as a Service")

Partner Description Geography Resources
ElastX is a Platform as a Service provider based out of Sweden offering vendor supported MongoDB as part of their stack. Europe, Middle East, Africa More Info
Private, Database-as-a-Service platform for securely hosting and managing shared and dedicated MongoDB instances. Global More Info Pricing
Fully-managed cloud database service featuring highly-available MongoDB databases, automated backups, web-based tools, 24/7 monitoring, and expert support. Available on Amazon, Google, Joyent, Rackspace, and Windows Azure. Global More Info Pricing
The first German based MongoDB-as-a-service provider, focused on customers in EMEA. Europe, Middle East, Africa More Info Pricing
Highly available, automatically sharded, unbelievably fast MongoDB managed service backed by Rackspace infrastructure. Global More Info Pricing

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