Minely is a platform for advanced big data business analytics using Apache Spark (1st European company to be fully native) to process large scale enterprise, social, structured/unstructured data sources in on-premise, cloud, and fog computing environments. Can process data from streaming sources such as Twitter, Kafka, and IoT devices, as well as from big data sources such as Hadoop, NoSQL, and legacy databases. Minely abstracts all the complexity through drag-and-drop data flows, no programming required. Users can quickly build sophisticated business analytics applications with a lower setup and operational cost, to provide automated intelligent business actions.

With Minely, MongoDB users can connect, process, model, analyze, and take action upon their data. Minely utilizes MongoDB as its meta-store and also provides seamless integration to utilize MongoDB for large scale analytical workloads through the native integration with Apache Spark. Minely provides the ability to easily blend MongoDB data with other data sources. Minely implements an efficient query optimizer that pushes down the execution to the source for BI queries.