Metanautix empowers your organization to make rapid business decisions and build better products using all your data assets. Metanautix Quest™ is the industry’s first data compute engine that makes it fast and easy to navigate and analyze any data, from any source, at any scale. It lets you easily access and combine any data as a table, regardless of format, including records, logs, documents, audio, images and video. Built with next generation distributed computing technology, Quest provides fast answers from data of any size and location, whether it is on-premises, in the cloud or both.

Metanautix Quest integrates with MongoDB making it easier to analyze json-structured data in MongoDB together with traditional relational data such as in Teradata using standard SQL. Quest supports JSON-style query processing natively, so it can quickly and easily:

  • Query JSON-structured MongoDB data
  • Shape data from traditional flat-relational source for inclusion in MongoDB
  • Combine MongoDB data with other data sources such as Teradata to produce logical views that appear to downstream applications as though they’re coming from MongoDB.

To learn more about how Metanautix can help you turn all your data assets into value today, please visit their website.