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IONOS Cloud. Managed MongoDB in the IONOS Cloud

IONOS Managed MongoDB — a fully managed database service in the IONOS Cloud, in partnership with and certified by MongoDB Inc.
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What is IONOS Cloud?

IONOS Cloud is the leading European provider of cloud infrastructure, cloud services, and hosting services with more than eight million customers.

They provide cloud services for success for medium-sized and large companies, regulated industries, the digital economy, and the public sector.

Managed MongoDB in the IONOS Cloud

IONOS takes care of all admin, scaling, updates, backups, and security of your database, so you can spend time on what’s important – developing software.

99.95% SLA uptime

The Managed MongoDB in the IONOS Cloud includes 99.95% availability (SLA uptime). Host your MongoDB databases in ISO 27001- certified data centers and expand your clusters at any time with secondary systems for higher availability.


Horizontal scaling

Horizontal scaling means you can easily adjust required capacities on the fly. Grow your MongoDB deployments with more storage capacity and run multiple analyses on unstructured data.


Full compatibility

Use the original version of MongoDB in the IONOS Cloud and enjoy flexibility at any time while avoiding lock-in. You can easily migrate to the IONOS Cloud.


Optimal hardware

Deploy MongoDB with a variety of predefined configurations (RAM, CPU, storage) and instances suitable for use in the IONOS Cloud — with the right variant for every application.


GDPR compliant

With the Managed MongoDB in the IONOS Cloud you get a database that is fully compliant with the European Union’s GDPR and hosted in ISO 27001-certified data centers, with direct proximity to peering points of primary network nodes such as DE-CIX.


Managed solution

A managed database allows for a simple, fast, and direct mapping of different workloads. IONOS experts take care of updates and security patches, as well as the provider-side hardware setup and monitoring of databases.

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Helping European organizations in regulated industries move to the cloud

The promises of cloud computing have led an increasing number of businesses to shift their infrastructures and software to managed services. Highly regulated industries are no different. Compliance, security, and innovation need not be at odds. Working together, MongoDB and IONOS provide developers with a platform that lets them build, deploy, and run applications securely.

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IONOS takes care of provisioning, administration, scaling, updates, backups, and security, so you can focus on what’s important — developing your software.
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