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MongoDB and IBM Cloud Private (ICP)

IBM Cloud Private is an application platform for developing and managing on-premises, containerized applications. It is an integrated environment that includes the container orchestrator Kubernetes, a private image registry, a management console, and monitoring frameworks.

With an updated, enterprise-class Kubernetes distribution, containerized middleware and built-in layers for management and applications, IBM Cloud Private constitutes the missing link between the work you’ve been doing in your traditional data center and the work you are doing in a fast, flexible public cloud. IBM Cloud Private provides a secure environment and automated tools that make it easier to evaluate your applications, scale to manage cloud-based workloads and realize new value from your current applications.

By levering the flexibility of MongoDB on ICP, customers can get to market faster, iterate faster and attract new customers faster — without sacrificing security or control.

Creating a Competitive Advantage Through AI

MongoDB and IBM Cloud Data (ICD)

On the IBM Cloud platform, it’s easy to choose a combination of services that application developers, data scientists and data engineers can use to complement their existing architecture and compose a business solution.

MongoDB with its powerful indexing and querying, aggregation and wide driver support, has become the go-to JSON data store for many startups and enterprises.

With MongoDB as part of the IBM Cloud platform, customers can take advantage of auto-scaling deployments, high availability, and automated no-stop backups.

MongoDB and Linux on IBM Power Systems

MongoDB has become one of the most popular databases in the world due to its rapid extensibility and ability to efficiently scale to many nodes to accommodate larger data sets and business growth. In order to provide a unified store of business data for real-time access and analytics, MongoDB requires a platform that allows it to perform and scale efficiently, enabling more agile development and growth of cutting edge data-intensive applications.

IBM POWER System servers are optimized for compute-intensive database and analytics workloads and are built to manage large and complex mission critical applications. Designed with Big Data applications in mind, POWER8 servers offer 4x the threads per core, 4x the memory bandwidth, and 4x the cache than traditional x86, which provides users with high performance at a breakthrough TCO.

By integrating MongoDB with the speed and security of the POWER8 platform, the combined solution called RapidBuild provides a high performance, flexible, and secure solution to meet the most demanding SLAs for mission critical applications.

MongoDB and IBM LinuxONE

MongoDB is a cross-platform, NoSQL database which efficiently supports unstructured data and rapid prototyping. As MongoDB expands into enterprise use, it needs a powerful, scalable and secure server platform to support large databases, enable access to aggregated data sources, and deliver the high performance that businesses need.

IBM and MongoDB are working together to bring MongoDB to IBM LinuxONE. Currently available as a technology preview and in beta-test, MongoDB running on IBM LinuxONE offers clients better utilization, higher virtual machine density, and closeness to enterprise data.

MongoDB and Linux on IBM z Systems

MongoDB is also available on Linux on IBM z Systems, enabling scale-up as well as scale-out databases, co-located MongoDB instances sharing resources, and proximity to mission-critical data for aggregation.

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