MongoDB and Linux on IBM Power Systems

MongoDB has become one of the most popular databases in the world due to its rapid extensibility and ability to efficiently scale to many nodes to accommodate larger data sets and business growth. In order to provide a unified store of business data for real-time access and analytics, MongoDB requires a platform that allows it to perform and scale efficiently, enabling more agile development and growth of cutting edge data-intensive applications.

IBM Power Systems provides a platform for MongoDB that enables leading performance, rapid deployment, and smaller footprints - removing barriers for our clients as their applications scale.

  • Try out MongoDB on Linux on Power – go to the MongoDB download center, click on “Development Releases” and complete the form for downloading an evaluation version.

MongoDB and IBM LinuxONE

MongoDB is a cross-platform, NoSQL database which efficiently supports unstructured data and rapid prototyping. As MongoDB expands into enterprise use, it needs a powerful, scalable and secure server platform to support large databases without sharding, enable access to aggregated data sources, and deliver the high performance that businesses need.

IBM and MongoDB are working together to bring MongoDB to IBM LinuxONE. Currently available as a technology preview and in beta-test, MongoDB running on IBM LinuxONE offers clients better utilization, higher virtual machine density, and closeness to enterprise data.

MongoDB and Linux on IBM z Systems

MongoDB is also available on Linux on IBM z Systems, enabling scale-up as well as scale-out databases, co-located MongoDB instances sharing resources, and proximity to mission-critical data for aggregation.

MongoDB as a Database Development Standard

MongoDB and IBM have collaborated to establish new standards for accessing the data layer: BSON, the MongoDB write protocol and the MongoDB query language. IBM has worked to implement the low-level MongoDB technology for the DB2 database and the WebSphere eXtreme Scale data grid platforms. It is a critical step forward, empowering developers to integrate data between MongoDB and IBM's two core data platforms, DB2 and the WebSphere eXtreme Scale data grid, both of which have adopted the new standards. The initiative is part of IBM's MobileFirst strategy to enable new mobile computing capabilities for business and to power the growth of enterprise applications.

IBM Security Guardium

IBM and MongoDB have worked closely to deliver enhanced security and monitoring with Guardium real-time solutions for data security and compliance. The integration, validated by MongoDB, helps enterprises meet audit and compliance objectives, guard against data leaks and uncover suspicious activities. Guardium works in concert with MongoDB security features to meet the challenges of Big Data and to protect large volumes of data in distributed environments.

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