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MongoDB & Confluent

MongoDB and Kafka make up the heart of many modern data architectures that help developers easily build robust, reactive data pipelines that stream events between applications and services in real time.


MongoDB for Event Streaming

Apache Kafka is an open source, distributed streaming solution capable of handling boundless streams of data. Confluent is the original creator of Kafka and provides a complete event streaming platform for self-managed on-premise deployments (Confluent Platform) and as a fully-managed cloud service (Confluent Cloud).

The MongoDB Connector for Apache Kafka®

The MongoDB Connector for Apache Kafka® is Verified Gold and in the Confluent Hub. It is the official MongoDB Kafka connector, providing support for MongoDB as both a sink and source. The Connector can either be self hosted, or fully managed in Confluent Cloud.

Download the Connector

In this demo shows one time migration and real time continuous data synchronization from a Relational System to MongoDB Atlas using Confluent Platform and the MongoDB Connector for Apache Kafka.