CData Software

The CData Drivers for MongoDB allow you to interact with your data in MongoDB as if it were a relational database, leveraging the flexibility of MongoDB's data storage with the familiarity and utility of standard SQL queries. CData Software has created a full suite of drivers that are standards-based, so the drivers can be used within many development environments and within 3rd party applications that rely on relational databases, including any number of popular reporting, BI, and ETL tools.

For developers, CData Software offers an ADO.NET Provider and JDBC Driver, with an ODBC Driver which offers some development functionality, but is more useful for connecting to your MongoDB data from the wide assortment of tools and applications that support the ODBC standard. The Excel Add-In provides a live connection to MongoDB within Excel and the Cloud Driver provides a RESTful interface to your MongoDB data, exposing the data using standards like OData, SOAP, RSS, ATOM, etc. There are also SSIS Components and BizTalk Adapters if those platforms are of interest to you.

All drivers have 30-day free trials, so you can start seeing your MongoDB data as a database today.

Visit their MongoDB page to learn more.