Cardinal Systems

Based in Argentina, Cardinal Systems is a technology services company that specializes in information and content management solutions. Founded in 1992, Cardinal Systems has successfully implemented more than 300 projects and engaged with more than 100 clients across a spectrum of industry verticals.

Cardinal Systems is a Certified MongoDB OEM Partner. Cardinal Systems EasyDoc Repository (EDR), a Content Management Software, relies on MongoDB as the core data platform to store and manage information. A few years ago, Cardinal Systems realized that businesses were required to deal with an exponential growth of unstructured information, and needed a modern platform to manage that data. That vision, motivated the decision to leverage MongoDB for EDR. Due to the solution, EDR has had many success stories with thousands of users loading millions of documents per week. EDR was developed to work either on the cloud or on-premises infrastructure. EDR provides a robust REST API that allow other Line of Business applications to access EDR as a full functional Document Repository. It is widely applicable and implemented across industries, including Telcos, Utilities, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Banking and Insurance.

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