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MongoDB & Apollo GraphQL

Empower app developers to build richer experiences faster and reduce technical debt with a graph-native data layer.


Unlock developer productivity

The Apollo supergraph and MongoDB Atlas create a composable and scalable GraphQL data layer that eliminates development complexity and empowers teams to innovate faster. The supergraph is a modular architecture that captures all your data and capabilities in a shared contract—allowing your app and service teams to collaborate more effectively to deliver rich experiences faster.

An app stack that delivers

MongoDB’s flexible document model paired with GraphQL allows developers to work with the database in the language and development style that they are most familiar with. Our shared, nested data structure means developers can easily use them together without navigating the complexity of mapping GraphQL to relational data and defining relationships across tables. When used with MongoDB Atlas’s multi-region and multi-cloud capabilities, the Apollo supergraph gives its developers a highly available GraphQL layer to create incredible end-user experiences for their apps and services.

Simplify app architecture with Apollo’s composable supergraph and MongoDB Atlas

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