Next Generation Payments: Real Time and Direct Payments for Today’s Needs

PublishedApril 15, 2021

Payments make up a multi-trillion dollar industry that has evolved alongside and just as quickly as technology, virtually changing how we interact financially, as consumers, customers, shareholders, etc. The financial industry is molding quickly to consumer needs with leading market disruptors, such as mobile wallets, peer-to-peer payments, ecommerce payments, etc. because the market is ripe for change.

To keep up, stay competitive, and ultimately lead this evolution, banks, insurance companies, PSPs, and other industry participants need to reassess their technology architecture to not only address industry challenges but also capitalize on fast-emerging opportunities. Changing consumer expectations, shifting regulations, and new market participants require an update to foundational data architecture, especially databases. Without a robust, modern database, new apps and other services won’t be able to deliver significant value to the business.

In this on-demand webinar, we will break down the fundamental technologies in leading payment industry use cases and their criticality for success in the financial industry. We will be covering:

  • Payment Innovation: as a modern, document database platform that is built for high availability, elastic scalability, real-time intelligence, data science innovation, support for new payment models, and agile development.
  • New Paradigms: addressing the new paradigms and requirements of the payment industry, by leveraging real time payments, direct payments, and alternative payments.
  • Use Cases in Action: a deep dive into the infrastructure of leading banks, not just adapting but thriving in unprecedented times to a global clientele, digitizing and modernizing their software, and leveraging data to enhance real time analytics, personalization, customer experience, and more.

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