Exclusive: MongoDB Gets Huge Endorsement From Risk Management Insurance Company RMS

In MongoDB news today, the company announced with RMS the first cloud-based real time risk management platform ontop of MongoDB.

RMS was founded at Stanford University in 1988 and has grown to be a leader in the risk management space. Now they provide the technology to the top insurers for risk pricing, management, and transfer. In an industry known for resisting change, RMS is shaking things up in a big way with its investment in emerging technology.

RMS has for many years centralized all the information insurance companies need to manage and quantify risk from natural catastrophes, such as Hurricane Katrina or the recent tornados in the U.S. Midwest region. The platform can now be accessed by RMS competitors, customers and industry partners, with the goal being to build a risk management platform where all the risks in the world and all the exposures in the world would live and be updated in real time.

This is a huge validation for MongoDB in terms of credibility in a very conservative vertical.