4 Reasons Perfect Market Bets on MongoDB

Reasons We Bet On MongoDB

By Jun Xu, Principal System Architect at Perfect Market, with Tracy Tan, Senior Data Warehouse Architect at Perfect Market, and Cliff Tsai, Director of Systems Development at Perfect Market

At Perfect Market, we use MongoDB in our Digital Publishing Suite (DPS). A few years ago, I wrote a blog post outlining our evaluation process, why we chose a NoSQL database and why we decided to use MongoDB in our content processing platform. MongoDB was such a good fit for the content processing platform that we expanded its use to our ad delivery platform (Perfect Ads), content recirculation platform (Perfect Links) and the social platform (Perfect Social).

For a technology startup with limited resources, broadly adopting a new DBMS means betting its own future on the DBMS. We are very fortunate that the DBMS we selected has been maturing along with Perfect Market. MongoDB Inc. (formerly 10gen) keeps introducing new features and improvements to the product while consistently maintaining a high standard and demonstrating their professionalism in customer support.

After 3 years, our use of MongoDB for Perfect Market’s product suite has gone far beyond simple key-value lookup. Backed by MongoDB, our ad delivery and content recirculation platforms are serving and tracking over 1.5 billion page views per month, and our social platform is performing intensive social user data aggregation and content matching in real time. Furthermore, our MongoDB infrastructure has evolved from a single node to multiple multi-node replica sets. All in all, I would say our bet on MongoDB was a sweet one and has paid off handsomely.

There are many NoSQL products out there, why did we bet on MongoDB? There are four major reasons: great performance, great features, ease of use and great support. Of course not every day with MongoDB is a sunshine day. Some tradeoffs we made are shared at the end of this post.

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