MongoDB Product Schedule October 2014

Development Support Production Support MongoDB Enterprise: Advanced


Role-Based Privileges
Field Level Redaction
SSL Encryption
Kerberos & LDAP Authentication
SNMP Support
Red Hat Identity Management Certification

Platform Certification

Windows, Linux (RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu, Amazon, SuSE)

MongoDB Management Service On-Prem

Monitoring on 100+ System Metrics
Tunable Alerts
Continuous, Incremental Backups
Point-in-Time Recovery


Free, Online Education
Private, On-Demand Training


Availability 9am - 6pm Local, M-F 24 x 7 x 365 24 x 7 x 365
Environments Development Only Production & Test Production & Test
SLA 4 hours 2 hours 1 hour
License Commercial AGPL Commercial
Emergency Patches

For clarity, Development Support cannot be used for Production environments.

Server EnvironmentDescription
ProductionUsing live data and/or applications
DevelopmentCreation of new projects, applications, features
TestingInternal testing, QA, certification, or other environments excluding Production or Development.

Other Subscriptions

MongoDB Management Service (MMS)Description
MMS - One Server, One MonthOne data-bearing MongoDB server managed via MMS. Includes one month of service.
MMS - One Server, One YearOne data-bearing MongoDB server managed via MMS. Includes one year of service.
MMS - 1GB of Backup Data, One MonthOne GB of backup data capacity. Includes one month of service.
MMS - 1GB of Backup Data, One YearOne GB of backup data capacity. Includes one year of service.
Technical Account Manager (TAM)A named, experienced expert from MongoDB provides advisory services to organizations around development and operations on an ongoing basis.
Named Technical Services EngineerA dedicated MongoDB Support Engineer serves as the single point of contact for all support-related issues.
Proof of Concept AssistanceA MongoDB consulting engineer provides assistance in setting up and configuring MongoDB deployments for the testing and evaluation of proof of concept projects using MongoDB.
Health CheckAn experienced expert from MongoDB works with IT teams to provide detailed assessments of the overall status of their MongoDB deployments.
Schema DesignA MongoDB consulting engineer offers guidance on best practices in designing document schemas and indexes in MongoDB.
Sharding DesignA MongoDB consulting engineer develops recommendations for horizontally scaling MongoDB with sharding.
Deployment TopologyA MongoDB consulting engineer provides the architecture, development and ops teams detailed advice on all aspects of horizontal scaling and high availability using MongoDB.
Performance Tuning and EvaluationA MongoDB consulting engineer analyzes key performance metrics and makes recommendations on improving application performance and efficiency based on your requirements.
Product Launch ServicesA MongoDB consulting engineer provides guidance during the pre-launch phase of a project, acting as a single point of contact and coordinating the resources of MongoDB with the client's team to reduce risk and ensure a smooth launch.
MMS Cloud MigrationA MongoDB consulting engineer works with the Customer to arrange an “import” of Customer’s MongoDB deployment(s) into MongoDB Management Service (MMS).
Ops Manager DeploymentA MongoDB consulting engineer advises you through all stages of successfully deploying and operating the Ops Manager application in your organization.
Major Version UpgradeA MongoDB consulting engineer develops a plan for you to upgrade from one major version of MongoDB to its successor. The upgrade plan will outline the steps your team should follow to ensure that the new version of MongoDB continues to satisfy application requirements.
Custom Consulting, Onsite (per day)A MongoDB consulting engineer assists with all phases of MongoDB implementations, such as configuration, testing, optimization, deployment architecture and best practices reviews.
CertificationMongoDB University certifies developers and DBAs on MongoDB through an online exam.
Public In-Person TrainingMongoDB University offers open in-person training classes around the world taught by our own instructors and engineers. Classes include lessons with follow-up exercises and hands-on labs to solidify your understanding of MongoDB.
Private Onsite TrainingMongoDB University instructors will deliver a training program on your premises suited to your company's needs. Classes are limited to 12 students.
Partner Development SupportA subscription available exclusively to MongoDB Partners, including access to MongoDB Enterprise Advanced, On-demand Training, and support from MongoDB's expert engineers.

Last updated October 2014