MongoDB Evenings 2017 Presentations

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MongoDB Evenings San Francisco
MongoDB 3.4: Deep Dive on Views, Zones, and MongoDB Compass
Thomas Boyd, Principal Solutions Architect, MongoDB
Introducing MongoDB Atlas
Jane Uyvova, Senior Solutions Architect, MongoDB

MongoDB Evenings Columbus
MongoDB Schema Design: Practical Applications and Implications
Austin Zellner, Solutions Architect, MongoDB
Build a Configurable Enterprise SaaS App in Only 9 Months
Greg Svitak, CTO, Complion

MongoDB Evenings Minneapolis
Database Trends for Modern Applications: Why the Database You Choose Matters
Matt Kalan, Senior Solutions Architect, MongoDB
MongoDB and Our Journey from Old, Slow and Monolithic to Fast and Agile Microservices
Jeremiah Ivan, VP of Engineering, Merrill Corporation
Breakfast with MongoDB
State of the Art to State of the Future: Running MongoDB in a Serverless Environment
Tosin Ajayi, Senior Solutions Architect, MongoDB
OpenFEMA and MongoDB
John Alfaro, Senior Associate, HWC Inc.
MongoDB Evenings Denver
Demonstration: Single View and Internet of Things with MongoDB
Daniel Farrell, Solutions Architect, MongoDB
Building and Scaling the Internet of Things with MongoDB at Vivint
Nicholas Brown, Director of Software Architecture, Vivint
MongoDB Atlas: Letting You Focus on Apps Instead of Ops
Nick Parsons, Developer Advocate, MongoDB
MongoDB Evenings Dallas
Data Modeling in MongoDB vs. RDBMS
Gopal Raghavan, Solutions Architect, MongoDB
Business Intelligence and Data Analytics using MongoDB
Patrick Sheehan, Solutions Architect, MongoDB
MongoDB Evenings Mexico City
MongoDB Atlas: quítate el peso que llevas sobre tus hombros
Alejandro Mancilla, Arquitecto de Soluciones de MongoDB
Arquitectura Serverless con AWS Lambda y MongoDB Atlas
Sig Narváez, Arquitecto Sr. de Soluciones de MongoDB