MongoDB Backup Service (Limited Release)

MongoDB Backup Service is a cloud-based service provided by 10gen for backing up and restoring MongoDB. Engineered for MongoDB, it features point-in-time recovery and is hosted in reliable, redundant and secure data centers.

Your Backup Strategy — Solved

MongoDB Backup Service is the reliable and convenient way to protect your data and reduce operational risk.

  • Managed Solution. The Backup Service eliminates the need for custom backup monitoring, scripts and storage. A dedicated team monitors the system and alerts you if problems arise.
  • High Availability. Multiple copies of every backup are archived across fault-tolerant, geographically distributed data centers.
  • Data Security. Data transfer is SSL encrypted. The Backup Service requires Two-Factor Authentication for all restores.
  • Low Overhead. Users install a lightweight agent in minutes and begin backing up immediately with minimal impact to clusters.
  • Convenient Recovery. Snapshots are sent via SCP directly to your server, or a custom URL can be generated to download them.
  • Unlimited Free Restores. Restores can be used to seed new secondary nodes, build dev/QA systems and send data to other environments without impacting production workloads.

How It Works

  • Deploy the MongoDB backup agent in your data center. The agent conducts an initial sync of your MongoDB data.
  • After the initial sync, the backup agent streams encrypted and compressed MongoDB oplog data to the Backup Service.
  • MongoDB Backup Service creates snapshots of your MongoDB data every 6 hours and retains multiple copies based on a retention policy.
  • To restore your data, choose an existing snapshot or create a custom snapshot for any point in time within the last 24 hours.
  • Download the snapshot of your data via secure copy or HTTPS. Two-factor authentication is required when using the MongoDB Backup Service.

Pricing and Billing

Pay for what you use. Backup Service is billed via credit card on a monthly basis. The cost to backup a replica set is calculated as follows:

Oplog Processing Snapshot Creation Snapshot Storage Billed Monthly
$2 / GB + $0.01 / GB + $0.08 / GB / month = Your Total

Restores are free, enabling you to use backups to seed new environments for test, development, analytics and other use cases without incurring additional cost.

Get Started

MongoDB Backup service is easy to use. It is integrated with MongoDB Monitoring Service (MMS) and requires minimal setup.

To get started with MongoDB Backup Service:

  1. Create an account at
  2. Enter yourself on the Backup waitlist at
  3. We will notify you when you are eligible to use the service.

No administration or maintenance is required.

For detailed technical information on MongoDB Backup Service, please see the documentation. For more information on how to get the most out of MongoDB, contact us about MongoDB Subscriptions.