Call For Posters: MongoDB World Poster Sessions 2015

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What is a Poster Session?
Have an interesting MongoDB experiment or use case to share? Present it at MongoDB World, June 1-2 in New York City. This year, we are introducing Poster Sessions, a scheduled time period during which research, experiments and practical applications related to MongoDB’s use in the lab and in the data center will be presented by authors in a poster format (printed presentation slides pasted to poster board). We are looking for topics that include but are not limited to performance and scalability testing, exploration of methods and tools to improve operational efficiency, application and query design patterns, and case studies in the use of MongoDB in both research and commercial settings.

There will be Poster Sessions on two contiguous afternoons during the conference. Posters may have more than one author. At least one author on each poster will be required to present during each afternoon poster session. Poster sessions will last two hours.

Requirements for a Poster:
Posters should follow this general outline:

  • Introduction (statement of thesis or problem)
  • Methods and Materials
  • Results
  • Conclusion

The call for Posters closes April 24, 2015. Submit your poster application now. Once accepted, you will be given poster and presentation formatting requirements.

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