MongoDB Quickstart Solutions for Government Agencies

Government entities – from municipalities all the way up to federal intelligence agencies – are using MongoDB to increase the speed of development and to provide higher quality applications, both for internal use and citizen engagement.

Quickstart solutions enable government agencies and other organizations to hit the ground running with solutions to common data problems. Each Quickstart provide a launching pad for a solution built on MongoDB, laying the groundwork for a complete deployment and creating a proof of concept. The modest price of Quickstart solutions allows customers to trial MongoDB without a large commitment. Our current Quickstart solutions are:

Event Capture and Analysis: Collect and analyze an incoming stream of data with MongoDB. This solution provides a platform for real-time access to fast-moving data. For example, Silver Spring Networks scaled out their real-time smart grid data platform on MongoDB.
Entity Catalog: Track and manage assets, personnel, information sources, or other entities with MongoDB. This solution provides a database to catalog whatever types of entities an organization may handle. MongoDB’s customers have already built Entity Catalogs handling billions of entities.
Data as a Service (DaaS): Provide data to internal or external users in a natural and intuitive format with MongoDB. This solution helps organizations to comply with the executive memo on open data, requiring that data be exposed in a machine-readable format. For example, the FCC’s Visualizing Mobile Broadband project aggregates and analyzes mobile network performance data and will allow the public to query, consume, and visualize data geospatially.
With each Quickstart solution, you get:

  • MongoDB Enterprise installed and configured to leverage up to 3 nodes for high availability
  • The Quickstart solution deployed by our consultants
  • Solution & architecture documentation
  • 1 day of solution review and training

We are offering each Quickstart solution for only $50,000. This includes a year’s subscription to keep the solution running on up to 3 MongoDB nodes.

To be contacted by a Quickstart solutions representative, please contact us using the form on this page.

MongoDB is the next-generation database that helps business leaders transform their industries by harnessing the power of data. It is the fastest-growing database ecosystem, with more than 8 million downloads, 1,000 customers, and 600 technology and service partners.