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MongoDB Atlas. Fully managed MongoDB in the cloud.

Harness the power of your data by building and managing your data in the cloud.
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Built for the way you work with data

MongoDB Atlas' document model enables developers to store data as JSON-like objects that resemble objects in application code. With MongoDB Atlas, use the tools and languages that you prefer. Manage your clusters with MongoDB CLI for Atlas, or IaC tools like Terraform or Cloudformation.Learn about the document database model
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Secure from the start

With MongoDB Atlas, your database is secure by default with preconfigured security features built-in. Out of the box, your data is protected with continuous encryption at rest, encryption in transit, sophisticated role-based access management, always-on authentication, network isolation, and more.Learn how MongoDB keeps your data safe
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Access 95+ regions across three cloud providers

With the only multi-cloud database, access 95 regions of availability across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Build in top tier resiliency by deploying the same database simultaneously across multiple regions and clouds. House your databases where your customers are to offer low latency user experiences.Learn about multiregion and multi-cloud databases
"We needed to be able to provide our clients with a platform that is as reliable as we are. Atlas’ native cloud first and scale-out architecture aligned well with our increasing performance demands and usage growth."
Nicolae Gudumac
CTO, Planable
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